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Crane Dry Hire


Wanneroo Crane Hire Dry Hire Services

  • Minimum hire period two weeks 
  • Mobilisation and demobilisation available 
  • All cranes are available for shutdown services 
  • Cranes & staff available for shutdown services 
  • All Cranes are green stickers 
  • Full log book and regular maintenance reports on all cranes 

please enquire today for further information. 

7 Tonne Crane

  • Small Slewing Crane (Tom Thumb)
  • Weighs approx 11.5t.
  • Used for roof steel, trusses, beams, boats, pools, spas, timber packs and brick packs (max reach for bricks 13m).
  • 2.0m wide x 6.8m length x 2.85m high, 4.5 metres wide with outriggers.
  • Needs 3m height & 2.1m wide clearance for door ways etc.
  • Reach – 19 metres at 350 kg weight
  • C-010 max reach 22m with fly.

16 Tonne Crane

  • Slewing Crane (Larger Tom Thumb)
  • Weighs approx 20t.
  • Used for longer reach steels etc, machinery not too heavy, boats, spas, pools, and bricks. Maximum reach for bricks 20m.
  • Reach – 19 metres at 350 kg weight
  • Reach – without fly 23 metre reach at 740kgs
  • Reach – with fly 28 metre reach at 250kgs
  • 1.9t @ 15m – 3t @ 10m 
  • 2.5m wide, with outriggers 5.5m wide. 8.1m long. 3.1m high.

20 Tonne Crane (Humma)

  • Weighs approx 20t.
    Pick & Carry Mobile Crane 2.5m wide x 10.42m length x 3m high
  • With chains and slings; spreader bar is carried on crane, spread can go from 2.25 metres wide to 3.69 metres wide, lift up to 12 tonne.
  • Can pick and carry loads, pick up load from under power lines (however conditions apply) T-bars, machinery, 20ft containers, light poles, unload trucks.
  • Reach – 17 metres from front axle at 1 tonne

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