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Crane Hire Prices

Wanneroo Crane hire have many different size cranes which have varied prices. Larger the crane more the price. Crane size will vary with size and weight of load and reach required.

We have two styles of cranes – 1. Mobile pick and carry cranes which would walk with a load similar to a tractor. 2. Slewing cranes which remain in one position and have outriggers to stabilise crane while operating.

There are many factors that need to be considered when ordering a crane to determine what size is required.

  • All cranes are required to work 3m or more away from power lines.
  • Site conditions are important, whether sandy. Sloping, fragile or need to reach over existing buildings or fixtures.
  • All cranes require a certified dogman or rigger with each job which is law from Worksafe. Incurs a penalty if dogman/rigger not on site.
  • Sloping sites can cause problems with setup and may require site inspection.
  • Mobile cranes best for lifting steels, timbers, boats, unloading trucks, machinery, light poles, sea containers (20ft – 14t and 40ft – 20t crane depending on weight)
  • Slewing cranes best for lifting steels, timbers, bricks, pools, spas, boats.
  • If extendable fly (boom) is required on crane, additional time is required before and after job.
  • 80t and 100t crane require counterweights with extended reach/ heavy loads (c/w), requiring additional set up time.
  • Job safety Analysis maybe required prior to any job commencement, to work quickly, safely and efficiently.
  • Some sites require a critical lift plans which would be an additional charge.
  • Green sticker/crane safe inspection certificate crane may be required on certain sites.
  • Wangara area has a minimum charge of 1 hour and all other areas have a minimum charge of 2 hours during the week, with 15minute increment charge thereafter.
  • Prices fully negotiable for long term work
  • Prices available for transport requirements on request
  • Travel component negotiable on all quoted work
  • Minimum charge of FOUR hours Saturday and FOUR hours Sunday.
  • Overtime rates charged for work outside the hours of 3.30pm, during the week.
  • Night work incurs penalty charges and overtime rates.
  • Work away would need to include penalties, food and lodging.
  • Wet hire (includes crane driver) available on cranes.

We always have friendly staff that can assist with helping to determine the correct crane required for any job. Also have a free of charge service to do a site visit to help with assessing correct crane.

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