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Setting Up Overload by Andrew Sunley Smith


The Biennale Project called “Overload"


Fremantle Biennale is a biennial festival that showcases contemporary art from established and emerging artists. It ran from 5 – 21 November 2021.

Wanneroo Crane Hire in Perth helped set up Overload by UK and Australian artist Andrew Sunley Smith at the J Dolan Park in East Fremantle.

Partially submerged and obscured by the changing tides of the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River), Overload is a marooned and ghostly vessel that occupied an expanse of water beneath Fremantle’s iconic Traffic Bridge.

The vessel was excessively loaded with local limestone rock spall – a key symbolic element that demonstrated taking the land back and stopping and forcibly submerging a modern industrial form [1].

Interestingly, Overload was craned into place with the limestone rock spall already in place and not assembled afterwards.


Details of Wanneroo Crane Hire’s Involvement

Our job was to pick up the boat at 7.30 am to avoid traffic at 11 Marriot Court, Hamilton Hill and offload at Swan River, between the bridges and outside of Navigable Waters – near J Dolan Park Riverside Drive.

Slings or chains were left under the boat in the shallow water – for ease of uplift and removal later.

The 100-tonne crane was best suited for lifting out the 10-tonne object: 5-tonne boat + 5-tonne rock load. 15-metre lift radius at 15 tonnes.

Koelen Cartage assisted a Flat Bed truck + Overhead permits with Main Roads and Western Power.

Consulting with the engineers, they leaned toward putting more rock spall/mass in the vessel.

Another major task was having to remove the boat at low tide.

We worked with Corine Van Hall from the City of Fremantle and Andrew Sunley Smith to complete this job and we are so proud to be a part of this amazing project.

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