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Working With How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous are well known for their YouTube channel, growing to have over 6.2 million subscribers worldwide. This channel has been growing since 2009 and is driven by a trio of Perth locals who have a purpose to create content, have fun, and share their good times with the world. The group is well known for crazy experiments from big heights. Enter Wanneroo Crane Hire. 

The team at Wanneroo Crane Hire love a bit of light-hearted fun so when the opportunity arose to work with How Ridiculous on dropping the world’s largest water balloon from a 200ft crane, we couldn’t say no. The stunt included dropping 2 tonnes of water from one of our Slewing cranes. See the video here.

As much as we love all of our other clients, working with How Ridiculous was quite the experience, talk about entertainment! Their other comedic stunts have included dropping cars from insane heights, dropping thousands of plastic toys onto a minivan, playing extreme tic tac toe and throwing paper aeroplanes off cliffs. A few of their stunts have even achieved Guinness World Records. 

Wanneroo Crane Hire enjoyed working with Stanford, Gaunson and Herron and look forward to seeing what other crazy stunts the team come up with in the future. 

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