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Matching Your Lift With The Right Mobile Crane

At Wanneroo Crane Hire, we have many different cranes that fit the requirements of many different projects. When using our services, we know it’s important to know which mobile crane best fits the needs of your project. Here we let you know all about our cranes and what projects they are best used for so that you know you have chosen the most reliable crane for getting the job done. 

Before you look at what mobile crane can assist with your project, you first need to evaluate the task that you need the crane to complete. Some important things to consider include:

  • Size of the site – How large is the site, and what restrictions are there regarding the overall size of the crane? 
  • Access to the site – Can a crane access the site? What is the ground type? Different surfaces, from soft sand to concrete, can limit what type of crane can access the site.
  • Obstacles – A risk assessment of the site is important and helps us to understand if a particular crane will be required to avoid power lines, ground services, poles, trees, and other obstacles. 
  • Reach – The reach required for the lift will determine what crane is suitable for the job. When lifting a pool for a residential property, the reach from the road to the desired location will determine what crane can be used. 
  • Object Size and Weight – Certain cranes can hold wider and heavier loads than others. Cranes can also have counterweights attached to lift objects at a longer reach.  


Cranes for Different Jobs

Long Reaches

When completing a project that requires a long reach, it’s important to utilise a crane that can both handle the load but also reach over obstacles. Our 50-tonne Liebherr Slewing Crane is the perfect crane for lifting pools, bricks, timber, and even boats. The Liebherr Slewing Mobile Crane can extend up to 34m (depending on the weight of object)  meaning it can lift over most properties, light machinery, boats, spas, and pools. 

Pick and Carry 

Some jobs require the crane to not only pick up a load but also move it across the site and then lift it into its desired position. The 20-tonne Humma Mobile Crane can pick up and carry loads, allowing it to avoid power lines, and move objects such as T-bars, machinery, containers, and light poles into position, on top of being able to assist in unloading trucks. 

Heavy Lifts

Whether you need to lift a very heavy piece of machinery, or a boat weighed down by rocks (something we have actually done), our 100-tonne Grove Crane is capable of lifting the heaviest of objects to the most difficult-to-reach locations thanks to its 34m reach and onboard counterweights. 

Hire the Perfect Crane For your Next Job

Are you having trouble determining which mobile crane to hire for your upcoming project? Wanneroo Crane Hire’s experienced team can help you decide. As a leading mobile crane hire Perth specialist, we can assist in helping our clients select the perfect mobile crane to match the requirements of their project. Our team takes into account all factors, including weight, reach, site access, and environmental factors, to ensure you have the mobile crane that is the most suitable, and safest option for your job. Contact us today to discuss your Perth crane hire needs. 

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